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An uplifting blend of herbal tea made with 100% Pure Camomile Blossoms and invigorating Mint leaves.

  • Caffeine Free | Premium Herbal Tea
  • Galil Herbal Teas are a unique blend of herbs, fruits, & flowers.
  • Available in 26 flavors, all naturally caffeine-free and full of aroma to brighten up your day.
  • An indulgent low-calorie infusion, rich in anti-oxidants.
  • Soothing herbal flavors will warm you during the winter months or can be cold brewed for a refreshing splash of flavor when you need a nice cool down.
  • 20 individually enveloped teabags for freshness

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Galil - Camomile & Mint Herbal Tea | 20 Tea Bags - 1.06 oz

SKU: 794711004227
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